About NOMS Healthcare

Northern Ohio Medical Specialists (NOMS) Healthcare is a multi-specialty physician group with over 250 providers, 30 specialties and growing.

NOMS Healthcare is committed to superior patient satisfaction and we welcome your comments and feedback on our services. Our goal is to continually improve our scope and depth of service based on the ever changing needs of our patients. NOMS is also committed to taking an active role in the betterment of our community, particularly related to healthcare matters affecting our fellow citizens. We develop and support health care practices recognized for exceeding patient expectations, thereby setting the standard for excellence in Northern Ohio.

Our History

How It All Began

From 30 to 35 providers
  • 1999 – Community physicians began to explore various structures which would allow the formation of a multi-specialty physician group.
  • 2000 – Structure finalized and Northern Ohio Medical Specialists, LLC (NOMS Healthcare) is officially formed.
  • 2001 – NOMS Healthcare opens for business.
  • NOMS was founded by more than 30 well-established and respected area physicians. The early years’ initiatives revolved around stabilizing the newly formed organization, establishing a new identity/brand, sharing best practices, establishing centralized administrative and clinical departments - all while allowing the private practitioners to retain as much autonomy as possible.

From 35 to 70 providers
  • 2007 – In our continued spirit of innovation, NOMS’ physicians formed an information technology (IT) committee to explore conversion from paper charts to an electronic medical record (EMR) platform. In September, NOMS newly formed IT department began implementing EMR systemwide. Over multiple years, NOMS strategically implemented the new platform beginning with primary care sites, and subsequently areas of specialty practice.
  • 2007 – NOMS opened the area’s first urgent care.
  • During the multi-year conversion to EMR, many outside practices began noticing NOMS’ progressive culture and inquired about partnering. Over this period, NOMS essentially doubled in providers, as well as its overall team. With EMR fully implemented and optimized, NOMS began developing committees to explore various opportunities and advantages of having its clinical data available on an electronic platform. This led NOMS into its current, and most transformational period as an organization.

From 70 to 200+ providers
  • As a large, and rapidly growing independent private practice, NOMS positioned itself to more nimbly accomplish three key goals in the face of many changes resultant from the then new ACA legislation: 1. Enhance the patient care experience (quality and satisfaction); 2. Improve the health of the population we serve, and; 3. Reduce the per capita cost of care.
  • 2013 – NOMS ACO, LLC was officially formed and NOMS began building its infrastructure to accomplish the three ACA-related goals. Nearly all of 2013 and 2014 were invested in learning this innovative care delivery model and building both the human and technical resources of a newly formed care management team. Toward the end of 2014, it was determined the EMR platform needed to be upgraded and standardized on more comprehensive level, to stay ahead of the healthcare curve and continue accomplishing our shared mission.
  • Today NOMS has grown from the original 30 founders to over 250 providers and delivers its highly advanced care model to patients across Northern Ohio - from Toledo in the West to the expansive Mahoning Valley in Ohio’s East. NOMS has built a solid foundation and infrastructure for continued expansion; leadership fully expects to continue this vigorous trend well into the future.


Executive Team

  • Headshot of Joshua Frederick, CPA (Inactive), MTAX

    Joshua Frederick, CPA (Inactive), MTAX

    • Chief Executive Officer
  • Headshot of Rebecca Rohrbach, DNP

    Rebecca Rohrbach, DNP

    • Chief Population Health Officer
  • Headshot of Giovanni Spadaro

    Giovanni Spadaro

    • Chief Financial Officer
  • Headshot of Sarah Opfer, SHRM-CP

    Sarah Opfer, SHRM-CP

    • Chief HR & People Officer
  • Headshot of Richard Schneider

    Richard Schneider

    • Chief Strategic Officer
  • Headshot of  Jennifer Hohman, MD

    Jennifer Hohman, MD

    • EVP, Voting Member
  • Headshot of Steven Devich

    Steven Devich

    • Chief Information Officer
  • Headshot of Bradley Hillard, DO

    Bradley Hillard, DO

    • Chief Clinical Transformation Officer
  • Headshot of J. Ryan Williams

    J. Ryan Williams

    • Chief Legal Officer

Board Members

  • Headshot of Benjamin Murcek, DO

    Benjamin Murcek, DO

    • President
  • Headshot of Jennifer Hohman, MD

    Jennifer Hohman, MD

    • Executive Vice President
  • Headshot of Brian Baxter, MD

    Brian Baxter, MD

  • Headshot of Anthony Tesmond, DO

    Anthony Tesmond, DO

  • Headshot of Jeffrey Christoff, DO

    Jeffrey Christoff, DO

  • Headshot of Robert Hill, MD

    Robert Hill, MD

  • Headshot of G. Robert Kaftan, DO

    G. Robert Kaftan, DO

  • Headshot of Eugene Kubitz, DPM, FACFAS

    Eugene Kubitz, DPM, FACFAS

  • Headshot of David Pocos, DO

    David Pocos, DO

  • Headshot of Brian Printy, MD

    Brian Printy, MD

  • Headshot of Rick Visci, DO

    Rick Visci, DO