NOMS 360 Care Management is a team-based program centered entirely on your wellness. Your team will give you the tools, information and support to self-manage your care.

This program assures your NOMS healthcare providers work as a team to improve your health. Because they will have a complete picture of your health risks, they will be able to provide you with the resources to successfully and safely guide your treatment toward the best possible out comes.

NOMS 360 Care Management Plan

Your Management Care Team

Social Work
Registered Nurse

Your care management team will include: two care managers (a social worker, a registered nurse), and an advocate. They will provide you with additional medical support and coordinate your care under the supervision of your doctor. As needed, this may include: scheduling you for care manager visits, outreach and telephone follow-ups, education, coaching and other support. Your care team’s goal is to give you the extra, personalized assistance to assure you meet or exceed your treatment goals.

Additonal Services

  • Regular weekly/monthly phone monitoring and communication
  • Home visit by a social worker/nurse (if needed)
  • Same day appointments with provider or member of his/her team
  • 24/7 access to a team member for your urgent needs
  • Development of a care plan with clear goals focused on personal health
  • Assist with access to medical care including home and community based services and support
  • Keep lines of communication open with all healthcare professionals involved in your care
  • Support for self-management goals
  • Monitoring and follow-up, including responding to changes in healthcare needs
  • Transition of care from hospital/nursing facility
  • Personal support and education

What is next?

Am I Eligible For NOMS 360?

You should sign up if you are a NOMS patient with two or more conditions (expected to last 12 months or longer), placing you at risk if not managed properly.