We are doggedly trying to make a change; among a number of large nuggets on our agenda, being a conduit for healthcare transformation is a primary. 

It’s not splitting the atom: patients deserve the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost structures. In the spirit of bringing that paradigm to an ever larger patient population, in January, we welcomed highly renowned, Cuyahoga-County based, Southwest Orthopaedics to the NOMS family. Jazz hands that!

This esteemed group of surgeons and simpatico team of physical therapists embraces NOMS bent toward cutting-edge practices in a team-provider environment. In harmony with all NOMS orthopaedic providers and physical therapists, they are single-mindedly driven to deliver best outcomes and quickest patient recoveries. This to us, a good marriage makes.

The addition of the Southwest Orthopaedics team of eight orthopaedic specialists and supporting physical therapy gurus, represents new geography in the growing NOMS footprint. It’s a win-win. Patients have options – and hallelujah, so do providers.  In a field of relatively narrow possibilities – struggle by your lonesome in private practice or become an employee of a large system – NOMS represents practice empowerment and professional freedoms. 

NOMS providers retain their clinical autonomy but are able to focus entirely on patient care; our crack administrative team handles the business end of – well business. Providers get to do what they love, and patients love being the sole focus of their doctor’s time and attention. So what are you waiting for? Come and get your love. 

Lisa Nicolella, Marketing Director