Of the many things that place NOMS squarely ahead of the healthcare curve, our chronic care management offering is one we’re kind of extra proud about.

The simple fact of the matter is, managing multiple chronic diseases can be confusing at best, dangerous at worst. Ninety-nine percent of disease management is in the hands of individuals and their families. That’s wrong. And it’s where we come in.

NOMS 360 is a team-based program centered entirely on your health and wellness. Those juggling two or more chronic illness can benefit by having a team provide the tools, information and support to ultimately self-manage care. That’s the end-game.

NOMS 360 Care Management Team offers these gems: regular monitoring and communication, care plan development, post-hospital education, assistance with community resources, medication management, and personalized support and encouragement.

This cutting edge program assures NOMS providers work as a team to improve your health. As they will have a complete picture of your current and potential health risks, their coordination will provide you with the resources to successfully and safely navigate your treatment to assure your best possible outcomes.

Care managers are professional nurses or social workers within your NOMS physician’s office. They will provide you with additional medical support and coordinate your care under the supervision of your doctor. Their goal is to give you the extra, individualized assistance to assure you meet or exceed your treatment goals.

We have a plethora of success stories that touch our hearts and buoy our conviction and devotion to giving every patient who joins the program, 360 reasons to be glad they did. To sign up, call 419.626.6161 ext. 4.

Lisa Nicolella
NOMS Healthcare, VP Marketing Communications