Hardwired a Type A personality, it took years for me to learn how to think small. That is – making really small choices that result in a really solid peaceful-living strategy.

Just choosing one is a start (high five), but the cumulative affect of stacking these puppies is the way to go for the win. 

  1. Complete transparency? I have watery ambient music wafting imperceptibly as I write.  Don’t judge (we’ll get to that).  Try it.  With zero effort on my part, spa ‘music’ slows breathing, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, eases muscle tension, and, reduces anxiety for most people.  (Relaxation music is free all over the Internet and digital music platforms.)

  2. Declutter your home and workspace.  Purging is cathartic and organization breeds a sense of calm control and accomplishment.

  3. Practice gratitude. Say thank you every chance you get – and mean it.  Be present.  Focus on all that you have and not what you think you want.

  4. Look for the humor in situations; laugh and smile more. It’s proven that even if you have to paste one on, a smile can lift your mood.

  5. Stop judging. Unless you’re in the ring at Westminster, that’s taking on an assignment that isn’t your burden. 

  6. Choose to spend your time with positive people. Negativity is as contagious as it is toxic.  Eliminate people from your life who don’t provide healthy value.

  7. Stop holding your breath. Throughout the day take a few moments to breathe deeply to center yourself.  Deep breathing promotes calm. When you become stressed or anxious, your brain releases cortisol, the “stress hormone.” By taking deep breaths, your heart rate slows, more oxygen enters the blood stream and ultimately communicates with the brain to relax.

  8. Be your authentic self. You do you.  Don’t compare yourself to the fondant-covered lives people create and fob off on social media.  #Filters.  You don’t have to unfriend people, but you don’t have to digest their every post either.

  9. Change up the dialog. Instead of saying “I have to,” try “I get to.”

  10. And my fave. Don’t buy tickets to every fight.  Choose being happy over being right, when c’mon, it’s just not that important.  It’s rarely a ‘prize fight’ – or a fight worth prizing.


And if you could use some help getting started or a leg up along the journey, treat yourself to some time talking with one of our deeply caring and highly experienced counselors available by TeleMed anywhere you find yourself come appointment time.

Peace out.  https://nomshealthcare.com/physicians-services/behavioral-health/   


Lisa Nicolella

VP Marketing Communications