ACOs are a Market-Based Solution to Help Lower the Cost of Healthcare Spending

SANDUSKY, OHIO – NOVEMBER 3, 2023 – Since becoming one of 35 Advanced Pay ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) in 2013, NOMS Healthcare has created savings in the amount of $25 million for approximately 10,000 Medicare beneficiaries, with 5 million in savings for 2023 alone. Additionally, NOMS was #2 in quality when compared to all Ohio ACOs and #11 when compared to all ACOs nationwide (out of 482).

ACOs are a market-based solution to help lower the cost of healthcare spending, where groups of doctors, hospitals and other providers take responsibility for the total cost and quality of care for their patients. ACOs are incentivized to lower costs by spending less than pre-determined targets and hitting quality measures, earning the right to share generated savings.

Shared savings are utilized to support the infrastructure needed to expand patient services such as care management, helping our patients learn how to manage their chronic conditions.

About NOMS Healthcare
NOMS Healthcare is a large, rapidly growing independent physician group practicing in nearly 30 specialties. Founded in 2001 by a group of physicians with the premise of providing a better healthcare delivery system for the patients, NOMS is truly physician-led and physician-owned. While remaining deeply committed to independent practice, we develop, and support health care practices recognized for exceeding patient expectations. Our mission is to provide excellent, personalized, team-based care. To learn more about us, visit us on our website at