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NOMS’ Audiology is a comprehensive resource for hearing loss healthcare. Our team consists of board certified E.N.T. specialists and audiologists working offering a full range of audiological care, including hearing tests and dispensing hearing aids.

We specialize in: adult and pediatric hearing evaluations; digital hearing aid technology; hearing aid accessories and repairs (in-house while you wait and factory. We offer loaners for out of house work); customized hearing protection, swim plugs, ear buds and other audio head pieces; canolith repositioning therapy (Epley Maneuver) for treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV); otoacoustic emission testing; and, auditory brainstem response testing (ABR).

And while hearing loss can’t be reversed, there is no reason to live with the frustration and isolation resultant. While the majority of Americans with hearing loss could be successfully treated with hearing aids, only about 22 percent use them.

At a Glance

Adult and Pediatric Hearing Evaluations

Reasons to schedule a hearing test include hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, chronic ear infection, and failed hearing screenings at school or work. Medicare requires a referral from a physician. Other insurance carriers allow patients to schedule directly with our department.


Digital Hearing Aid Technology

We offer the most up-to-date hearing aids and technology and work with the main hearing aid manufacturers including Sivantos (Siemens), Starkey, Unitron, and Phonak. Today’s hearing aids adjust automatically based on your environment (quiet, noise, restaurant, car, music, crowd). Several price points are available.

Custom Ear Pieces

We also offer customized hearing protection, swim plugs iPod, MP3, Bluetooth pieces. Impressions are taken of the ears and sent to a lab. Molds will stay in the ear better and are much more comfortable than over the counter options.


Hearing Aid Repair, Batteries & Accessories

We service most makes and models of hearing aids and do many repairs in-house while you wait. If your hearing aid must be sent out to for repair, we have loaner aids available. We provide regular and rechargeable batteries for all types of hearing aids and offer a variety of accessories including dry and store kits, tubing blowers, and, dry bricks.




Conditions we Treat

Hearing Loss Impacted Earwax Inner Ear Disorders Noise Sensitivity Poor Balance Single-Sided Deafness Speech Impairment Tinnitus

Services & Treatments

  • Adult & Pediatric Hearing Evaluations
  • Auditory Brainstem Response Testing
  • Canolith Repositioning Therapy
  • Custom Ipod®, MP3 & Bluetooth Ear Pieces
  • Customized Hearing Protection & Swim Plugs
  • Digital Hearing Aid Technology
  • Hearing Aid Batteries & Accessories
  • Hearing Aid Repair (in house & factory)
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing