Established in 1993, Advanced Health (AH) was, and remains, under the leadership of physical therapy authorities, Michael Martinez, DScPT, OCS, COMT and Thomas Legando, PT, Cert MDT, CDT. Committed to compassionate and convenient services, with an emphasis on clinical efficiency and affordability, the organization remained strong despite volatility in healthcare in the ensuing years.

AH quickly established an excellent reputation as the provider of choice for rehabilitation and wellness, offering: physical, occupational and speech therapy, and athletic training services at several outpatient offices, home health agencies, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and high schools.

Yet, according to Legando, increasing government and insurance regulations directly impacting AH’s solo practice rendered it progressively difficult to operate. After careful consideration of the changing healthcare landscape, with particular concern for the future of the practice and stability of their team, leadership made the decision to merge with NOMS Healthcare (Northern Ohio Medical Specialists).

“Joining the NOMS family affords our team tremendous financial resources and growth opportunities; we now are able to entirely focus on top-notch therapy services – which is what we do best. NOMS handles the business, freeing our team to immerse ourselves solely in patient care and continuing education. Staying well ahead of the healthcare curve is the norm at NOMS, making the decision an easy one for us,” said Martinez.

NOMS Advanced Health Therapy’s offices are located in Clyde, Fremont, Norwalk, Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, and Sandusky.

“We are proud of our advanced clinical accomplishments, including: being the only local therapy provider offering certified manipulative therapy. Additionally, we offer fully certified therapists with advanced training in hand therapy, orthopaedics and sports, dizziness and vestibular rehabilitation, McKenzie and Maitland therapies, pediatric sensory integration, lymphedema therapy, dry needling, and industrial rehabilitation.

Just since merging with NOMS in 2016, we opened the offices in Clyde and Fremont; we are delighted the partnership is allowing our therapy services to flourish and bring best outcomes to a greater number of patients across the region,” added Martinez.

Thanks to opportunities resultant of Advanced Health, joining forces to become “NOMS Advanced Health Therapy,” I am excited and grateful to be practicing and managing a clinic in the city where I was born and raised - Fremont, Ohio.

I majored in athletic training in my undergraduate studies at Bowling Green State University before earning my Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from the University of Toledo. In my practice, I strive to develop individualized treatment plans based on patients’ needs and goals, regardless of age and ability level. I focus on treatments to improve or maintain patients’ function and quality of life, while promoting lifelong health and wellness.

Utilizing my education, clinical experience, and evidence-based practices, I am highly successful in providing pain reduction, surgical avoidance, post-operative rehabilitation, gait and balance training, and fall prevention.


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