These are exciting times. In response to our current hyper-growth and anticipated continued rapid expansion, in 2020 we invested in a centrally located, massive building in Amherst, Ohio to provide additional ‘housing.’

In our current initial phase, we are renovating 10,000 of the building’s 46,200 square feet and have moved our entire IT team and many of our billers into the new space. 

In addition, the sprawling facility will also house other administrative services including Revenue Cycle, Operations, HR, and several “hoteling” offices for other administrative departments primarily stationed elsewhere across Northern Ohio. 

We plan to have an outsized conference room for both public (post COVID19) and large internal meetings.  The immense space allows for tremendous social distancing and is roughly central for our team that now stipples the state from Toledo to the Mahoning Valley and into Western Pennsylvania. 

Based on market demands and needs, in a future phase outpatient medical office space will likely be added.

With nearly 300 providers practicing in over 30 specialties and plans to double or triple in size in the next two- to-three years, the building is “just what the doctor ordered.”


Lisa Nicolella,

VP Marketing Communications