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As a nurse, I’ve worked with dozens of doctors in my career and have had many doctors personally and I cannot think of a better doctor. His compassion is real; he has complete integrity, and I trust him. I’ve never had a problem with one single person in his staff - they treat me beautifully - and the other doctors there are as great as Dr. Gobezie. I wouldn’t trade this practice for anyone’s. May God bless them all.
- Faith B.

Dr. Gobezie has been my surgeon for 12 years. I’m a PGA Golf Professional and Dr. Gobezie has been able to repair both of my shoulders from serious injuries and has given me the ability to still enjoy the game of golf which I love very much. As a PGA Golf Professional, I endorse Dr. Gobezie as an outstanding surgeon and an outstanding man. I completely trust Dr. Gobezie with my medical decisions.
- Peter G.


Dr. Gobezie is an outstanding human being and top-notch doc! He performed my mother's shoulder surgery a decade ago a when I went to see him last year re: my own shoulder pain, he remembered my mother and he remembered me. His staff members are kind and compassionate, and it's clear the office is highly organized and runs smoothly. While we are all experiencing the crisis that is health care, Dr. Gobezie's genuine compassion for and attention to his patients belie what I have experienced elsewhere.
- Betsie


The absolute best doctor I have ever seen. Great guy and awesome staff. I wish he did more than shoulder work. I have never felt more comfortable with a doctor. He talks to and treats me like an actual friend. His peers love him, and his work as do most patients.
- Gabe B.


Doctor Gobezie performed three surgeries on my shoulders. He is an excellent doctor, he is a compassionate person. I had 100% trust in his ability and I recommend him to anyone I know needing orthopedic surgery.
- Denise B.


Ever since my shoulder surgery in 2013, I recommend Dr. Gobezie to everyone. He is one of the best, if not the best doctor I have ever gotten treatment from. He is a very approachable surgeon and during the whole process he never pressured me into surgery. (I ended up calling him when I couldn't stand the pain anymore). He made it a point to give me all the facts he could along with his best judgement after hearing my symptoms and seeing my MRI. Post SLAP surgery in 2013. I have experienced no discomfort during and after playing sports I enjoy, which used to flare up as annoying shoulder pain every time I played.
- Michael V.


I had researched rotator cuff surgery and was convinced that I was going to have a lot of pain for a few weeks. Thankfully, in my case, that was not true. I had the surgery on a Friday. If I would have had to, I could have gone to work Monday, just three days after surgery, but I did take the whole week off and returned to work the following Monday. Exactly three weeks after surgery, with my hand close to my shoulder, not extended, I was able to raise my arm straight up, fully extended. There was some pain in doing so, but not much. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Gobezie, the results of my shoulder surgery and with the Cleveland Shoulder Institute.
- Donald C.


I have been raving about the good results of my total reverse shoulder replacement to friends and family. In a week and a half, I was driving. Not too much pain, and increasingly less pain as days progressed. I can now reach very high with my right arm. Nothing but good to say.
- Joan L.


Dr. Gobezie is one of the best doctors I've ever been to. I had a reverse total shoulder replacement and he was phenomenal. I would defiantly recommend him if you’re having any shoulder trouble.
- Tyler B.


Very impressive! I think Dr. Gobezie was the best surgeon to fix my shoulder (massive rotator cuff tear) and feel I was very lucky to find out about him. He was highly recommended by a local orthopedic surgeon, has a great personality and you quickly feel very comfortable with him. His staff is also very competent and friendly. I would absolutely recommend the Cleveland Shoulder Institute.
- Anthony B.


Gobezie and his staff are the best. All very professional and I definitely recommend them. I had pain in my elbow for about two years and Cleveland Shoulder Institute recommended I go with conservative forms of treatment: cortisone injections and physical therapy. I’ve noticed a big improvement.
- Zedan G.


After seeing 2 other orthopedists, I received recommendations to see Dr. Gobezie from 3 different sources. He listened to my issues and recommended starting with a more conservative approach to my shoulder issues. After a period of time, the conservative measures were no longer effective. We then opted for the total shoulder replacement surgery. I’m 3 months post-surgery and virtually pain free.
- Mark H.


Dr. Gobezie is an excellent shoulder specialist, providing both in-office treatment and surgery. He is really willing to work with a patient to find a treatment that is the least invasive but will still help the patient to function without pain.
- Leslie O.


Dr. Gobezie is a superb surgeon! I have had both reverse total shoulder replacements and recommend him highly. Further, when meeting with Dr. Gobezie, he explains things clearly and takes enough time with you. I’d add that his staff is excellent.
- Bob P.


Dr. Gobezie is the perfect combination of caring family member and a doctor from the old days, before insurance companies strong-armed the medical providers, governing the time, attention and goal of the visit. All of his staff are just like him, attentive and accommodating. It's my Joy to refer others to his practice.
- Sabrina S.


I had been to many doctors specializing in shoulder reconstruction. The answer was always the same: I was bone on bone. Then one morning watching TV, I heard Dr. Gobezie discuss shoulder reconstruction. I was impressed and made an appointment. After an exam, he said, "You are a good candidate for shoulder reversal." The doctor’s mannerism, personality and knowledge gave me the ability to move forward. I felt like I had met my savior. The operation was a success and today, years later, I have total shoulder mobility.
- William R.


Dr. Gobezie and his staff are very professional and I have already recommended the Cleveland Shoulder Institute to others. I had been in constant pain from arthritis for about a year. I tried cortisone injections and then had surgery. The pain is mostly gone and I have improved range of motion.
- Dale E.


I injured my shoulder in a fall over a year ago and had both nagging and sharp pains. I had surgery at the Cleveland Shoulder Institute and was very satisfied. I would absolutely recommend them. The office was professional while still being comfortable and casual. The staff respected my time and I was even seen before my scheduled time when I showed up to the office early. I found the "patient resources" section of the website to be very helpful. Keep up the good work.
- Craig M.


Dr. Gobezie is probably one of the most positive doctors and human beings you could ever run into. His staff was great. I have recommended Dr. Gobezie to many others. I am so glad I did more research for my second shoulder surgery and that I am back playing golf again!!! I experienced shoulder pain for many years and found it was a torn labrum. I had my first shoulder surgery by a different provider and the pain became worse, which was a huge blow for me being an avid golfer. I actually thought I would never be able to play golf again, and people would comment that shoulder surgery can be very difficult to recover from. So I decided to research and find another shoulder surgeon. I searched for top shoulder surgeons in North America and was so glad to find that Dr. Gobezie was in the Cleveland area. He performed my second surgery, and I felt so much better. I was recovered and back to swinging a club just three months later. My right shoulder that was operated on feels better than my left hand shoulder.
- Martin M.



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