Let’s Roll: Welcome to Our New Website and Blog!

Because we can’t say it enough: ugh and thank you. Whether you are a NOMS patient or a physician looking to join our group, you’ve had to endure our decidedly unfashionable website while we hammered away at this new affair. Like replacing a dull frock with timeless Levis, we hope this new site is your happy go-to.

Out with the clumsy; in with a smooth, responsive vehicle to get where you need to go without unplanned, muddy off-roading. Our muse was the thought of delighting your scenic and navigational cravings; we hope we nailed it.

The new site will be a living organism maintained to properly and accurately fuel your need for well curated, current content on: providers and staff, access to your medical record and providers, health tips and topics, happenings - and more.

Frankly, it’s an exciting time of highly advanced healthcare and rapid growth at NOMS and we are going to do our best to bring you along for an enjoyable ride. We’d like to be a blog you’ll actually look forward to reading and a website that doesn’t futz with your time or jack up your blood pressure – we are healthcare after all.
Kick the tires and let us know what you think.

Lisa Nicolella, marketing director