Scanner / Office Float - Full Time

Parma, OH

Provides timely, accurate and accessible electronic clinical patient information charting by scanning medical records/health information reports into patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR).


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Produce digital copies of documents for retention purposes.
  • Make sure scanned copies of the documents are legible.
  • Check copier to make sure scanner is clean and documents will come through legibly.
  • Organizing scanned documents on various local and network storage.
  • Scan in patient records and maintain them in NOMS database.
  • Follow HIPAA guidelines for these records.
  • Cross train in other positions in the office.
  • Over front desk in physical therapy during vacations.
  • Other duties may be assigned.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • Highly organized and well versed in various types of filing systems.
  • Able to work with computers and computer storage systems.
  • Good analytical skills with attention to detail.

Education and Work Experience:

  • High school graduation or GED
  • Electronic Health Record and/or eClinical Works experience preferred.
  • Minimum of one year experience in customer service setting.

Environmental/Working Conditions:

  • Office setting, well-ventilated and well lighted. Work involves frequent telephone contact with patients. Work may be stressful at times. Interaction with others is constant and interruptive. Contact involves dealing with sick people.

Physical/Mental Demands:

  • Sitting for extended periods of time along with some stooping and bending.
  • Requires sitting to standing throughout the day as required.
  • Requires eye-hand coordination, finger dexterity.
  • Must be able to view computer screens for long periods.
  • Occasional stress related to workload and patients with problems.