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Medical Assistant - Part Time and Full Time - Podiatry

Boardman, OH

Responsible for assisting physicians with patient care within the nursing home, clerical, environmental and organizational tasks.  Responsible for appointment scheduling and chart management. Conveys a positive image of NOMS Ankle and Foot Care Centers. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Complies with all HIPAA and OSHA regulations and policies.
  • Provides basic patient care as ordered.
  • Documents all activities/interventions, patient/family responses, medication dispensed/prescribed, etc., in the medical record.
  • Promotes wellness by providing patient education materials, communicating physician advice/instructions.
  • Adheres to infection control/safety guidelines, and confidentiality policies.
  • Must be willing to travel.
  • Must have reliable transportation for work.
  • Must have flexible availability Monday through Friday.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • Knowledge of basic office principles and protocols.
  • Knowledge of policies and procedures related to infection control, environmental safety and patient confidentiality.
  • Knowledge of medical chart reporting/records.
  • Skills in organization and time management.
  • Skill in appropriate assessment and assistance techniques.
  • Skill in appropriate use of universal precautions, safe workplace and confidentiality methods.
  • Skill in health information management by appropriately charting patient data.
  • Skill in identifying equipment problems and correcting or notifying supervisor.
  • Must have computer skills and EMR experience.
  • Ability to work effectively as team members with physicians and other staff.
  • Ability to appropriately interact with patients, families, staff and others.
  • Ability to flexibly respond to changing demands.
  • Ability to apply written instructions and standardized work practices.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Education and Work Experience:

  • High school graduation or GED
  • Must have strong costumer service and organizational skills.

Environmental/Working Conditions:

  • Combination of office and patient care. Possible exposure to communicable diseases, bodily fluids, toxic substances, medicinal preparations.
  • Work involves frequent phone contact with nursing facilities.

Physical/Mental Demands:

  • Varied activities including sitting, walking, stooping, lifting, bending, reaching. Occasional stress from workload. Must be able to use a variety of office equipment including phone, writing instruments, PC, fax and medical equipment.
  • Position requires early morning hours Monday through Friday. No weekends.
  • Travel with paid mileage reimbursement.


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