Counseling Services

NOMS Healthcare Counseling Services provide support and guidance in a therapeutic setting. Our therapists work with individuals, couples and families to accomplish their mental wellness goals.


Individual Therapy
We offer a confidential and relaxed environment for one on one meetings to help resolve personal conflicts, explore feelings, address concerning behaviors, etc.

Family Therapy
All members welcome! Therapists will help mediate difficult topics while being unbiased and supportive of each individual.

Our environment encourages open expression of thoughts between significant others with the goal to help improve communication, intimacy, and emotional stability within a relationship.

Parenting Consultation
Our therapists help provide parents with feedback and guidance regarding challenges related to parenting such as parental separation/divorce, behavioral concerns, mental illness, etc.

Stress Management
We help individuals learn to cope with stress in a more appropriate manner. Therapists teach individuals relaxation exercises amongst other techniques.

Anger Management
We help individuals develop better awareness and insights of personal triggers to anger while identifying healthy coping skills.

Learn to cope with anxiety and panic through developing skills to change irrational thinking. Our therapists help individuals identify triggers, learn ways to relax, and aim to relieve symptoms.

Our therapists help individuals identify ways to improve motivation and energy levels through talk therapy. Individuals are able to verbalize thoughts and feelings openly in a supportive environment.

Our therapists will conduct an evaluation and treatment of mood disorders. Therapists help individuals learn to cope more effectively with mood swings and impulsive behaviors through developing awareness and self-control of one's responses.

Survivors of Trauma
Therapists help individuals process psychological trauma through verbalizing feelings related to trauma. Individuals will work on identifying healthy ways to cope and appropriate boundaries.

Sexual Abuse
We work with survivors of sexual abuse to provide empowerment, improve confidence levels, and resilience. Individuals are able to process abuse while identifying coping skills.

Domestic Violence
Our therapists help individuals identify the dangers of domestic violence as well as new ways to handle stress within intimate relationships and help them learn new ways to communicate and identify warnings signs.

Our therapists evaluate and treat symptoms of ADHD such as lack of attention/focus, impulsivity, disorganization, etc. Therapists help individuals understand the diagnosis and apply new interventions in the school or work setting in order to achieve maximum personal success.

Our therapeutic setting encourages individuals to take accountability for actions. Learn to set appropriate expectations and consequences for behavior.

Alcohol/Drug Prevention
We offer a supportive and understanding environment to learn about addiction. Individuals learn how alcohol/drug use impacts themselves as well as others.

Coping Skills
We help individuals learn healthy ways to deal with life stressors. Our methods are unique to each individual through one on one counseling.