We’re more than a little passionate about our mission. And delivering major community value is always top of mind where we’re concerned. We’re doing that in a myriad of ways, and our hometown region where it all began, is a prime example of that.

For us, frankly, it’s about being truly patient-centric – not just the words, it’s action.  We make sure we’re providing the right care, in the right setting, at the right time for every patient. 

A big part of that is guiding patients appropriate for out-patient procedures, including total joint replacements, to our local freestanding ambulatory surgery centers in Sandusky and Norwalk, owned in partnership with our local hospitals.  These facilities are specifically designed for same-day outpatient procedures with well-equipped operating rooms and recovery lounges.  Outpatient surgery requires less time, allowing you to get to home-sweet-home same day.

We also provide something very advanced by wrapping care around you “360.”  In addition to having an incredibly deep bench of world-class orthopaedic surgeons, we offer something extra special.  Our Ortho 360 program is one example of next-level patient care.  You are surrounded by a team including your orthopaedic surgeon, a registered nurse, a social worker, and an advocate.  This super-caring team provides additional medical support and orchestrates care under the supervision of your doctor.  

As needed, this might include: scheduling your care manager visits, home physical therapy, outreach and telephone follow-ups just to check in, education, and coaching.  Their whole purpose is to provide extra, personalized support to make sure you meet or exceed treatment goals.  You’ve got this!

And then there’s ever-important imaging in the mix.  Our imaging centers offer top quality radiology at the lowest possible cost.  NOMS Imaging equipment covers all modalities and includes a brand new state-of-the art MRI in Sandusky.

In our playbook, delivering a truly cohesive plan to bring you to the best possible outcomes, as quickly and inexpensively as possible - is your outta-the-park “home” run!


Pictured left to right: Maria Apling, APRN, NP-C; Todd Hills, PA-C; Nicholas Callahan, DO; Michael Powers, DO; Jason Brown, DO; David Pocos, DO; George Stepanic, DO; Matthew Meyer, PA-C

Not pictured: Amar Mutnal, MD; John Bondra, DO; J. Andrew Huddleston, DO


Lisa Nicolella

VP Marketing Communications